A warm welcome to the Blog section of The Kierkegaard Killer

Firstly, thank you very much for visiting the Blog section of

This is a brief (introductory) blogpost, just so that I can let you know what you can expect in future blogposts – blogposts that I will be publishing on a regular basis.

This morning, I decided on the blog categories. These are, in alphabetical order:

  • Austria – Österreich
  • Divorce
  • El Camino – The Way
  • Family Court
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • The Czech Republic / Czechia – Česká republika / Česko
  • The Kierkegaard Killer (default category)
  • Travel

I would, at this point of this (first) blogpost like to make it very clear, to you, the reader, that I won’t be following the current blogpost article trend of applying clickbait article headlines. I also won’t be applying the equally annoying SEO-friendly blogpost writing style trend of picture, text, picture, text, picture, text, etc.

While the above techniques no doubt capture a reader’s attention span effectively, I personally loathe them. I loathe them partly because, to me, it is a literary form of dumbing down readership content. And I also view it as condescending that such systems are now effectively de rigueur templates when online content, instead, should be increasing our attention span capacities, not reducing them.

Therefore, each of my blogposts will feature one top page image, a couple of call-to-action button links to my Shop – where you can purchase your copy of The Kierkegaard Killer – and quality content, devoid of intentional SEO keyword placement. Any additional images contained within a blogpost will be included only if they are integral to the blogpost content.

I will also approach each blogpost, where subjectivity is a priority option, with unbiased objectivity. This blog isn’t a platform for me to promote, for example, my bias views in relation to my current experience going through the family court system. I will, of course, write about my experience of this strenuous ordeal, but it will be written in such a way as to promote advice for fathers and mothers who might be going through similar circumstances. This blanket rule of a free-from-bias approach will apply to all blogposts, in all blog categories on

Also, I will only publish content that I fully know the facts about. There is so much disinformation and misinformation online and I am not going to be a member of that non-exclusive, expanding club.

All of the categories listed above feature heavily in The Kierkegaard Killer, so all blogposts published on will be relevant to the core messages conveyed within the novel.

And finally, there will be a call-to-action-button at the bottom of each blogpost. I will be writing blogposts out of an organically pure love for writing, but I also have an agenda: to sell as many copies of The Kierkegaard Killer as I can. It took me two years to fully complete The Kierkegaard Killer (often in a dirt-cheap Thai or Cambodian guest room, bordering on being unfit for human habitation) and it was that conviction and belief that has brought me here, now, to publishing my first blogpost.

Mikail Androsace.

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